Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tip for: Feeding Ground Foraging Birds

As most people well know there are birds that feed on the ground rather than on the feeder. These birds are mainly sparrows and doves. One main tip is to put a substantial amount of seed twenty to thirty feet away from your feeder or at the closest treeline. Ground foragers are often more comfortable being further away from the window where they can usually see you if you look through it. They like to have more cover available while they feed. Thirty feet away is probably the largest distance you want to put the seed for the ground foragers. Because the purpose of bird feeding is to get closer looks at birds that you would normally not see so close. Another tip is to set up a different place for the squirrels to eat. You CANNOT get rid of squirrells. They will come to your feeder anyway whether you shoot them or not. Some birds get along fine with squirrels but I noticed that the majority are scared away by the seed hogging fur balls. I chose to set up a large wood log for them to hop up on and eat the seed. The squirrels like where the more concentrated seed supplies are. Thus the log. Now birds are free to move about around or underneath them. Nuthatch tip: Nuthatches have a craving for peanuts, there are some peanut feeders you can buy. Occasionally they will come to your hand if you extend it with peanuts in it. I hope this encourages you to feed the birds this cold Winter. I had a Ruby Crowned Kinglet at my suet feeder today! You never know what might find interest in your feeders. Posted by John Mark Simmons.

Photo by John Mark Simmons

Dark Eyed Junco