Saturday, May 14, 2011

Baby Carolina Wrens

Sorry this post is late but both our staff members have been busy lately. Here are two photos of the baby Wrens. They are taken about a week apart so you can see the difference between their featherless state, ( just hatched) and their newer state. They are expected to fledge soon so we will post more photos then. Yes this is in a shoe! For some reason the Wrens thought an old boot would be a good place to nest.

The Two Birders
John Mark Simmons and Sam Brunson


  1. Last summer some wrens made a nest in a pair of shoes that we had outside... I wonder what it is about shoes? I enjoyed watching them, and was sad when they were gone. Maybe they'll nest in our carport again. :)

  2. Wrens love to nest in carports. Because they are safe and usualy have a good place to nest in. The Wrens at our house have been nesting in our carport for over six years. They come back every time.