Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photo Tip: White Balance

Here is another tip using our cooperative Red Shouldered Hawks again. This time hunting in my garden. It was a very cloudy and rainy day so the lighting wasn't that good. I first took a few photos with my white balance on AUTO. Then I took the rest of the pictures with my white balance on CLOUDY. I want to know your opinion on this. Does it look better with or without the white balance on cloudy. If you set your white balance correctly it usually makes the lighting look nomal. But sometimes it doesn't and ends up making it worse. My shutter speed was low and I didn't want to raise my ISO to much to fix it or else it might be too noisy. So I shot with ISO 400. There might be some barely noticeable blur and that is because of the shutter speed. But my main point is about the white balance. So leave a comment down below and say what you think looks better. Thanks for reading everybody! Please help spread the word about Two Birders and Binoculars.
John Mark Simmons for TB

With white balance on CLOUDY
 With white balance on AUTO.


  1. I lean toward auto. "Cloudy" looks brighter but also is heading in the direction of pushed to far by photoshop.

    I think "Auto" would leave you room to tweak with photoshop without destroying the integrity of the photo. With "Cloudy" that option is almost taken away.

    P.S. You guys have a great site.

  2. I see your point. However this is not photoshopped. It is all done in the camera. But it seems to me that you think photoshop is a necessity. It's almost like your saying that setting it on cloudy does all the work in one step which I think is correct. Because "taking that option away" is perfectly fine. All the photoshop work is done in the camera.

    For me, when it is set on "cloudy" the color is brought out more. But when it is set on "auto" it looks more normal and drab. Yes "cloudy does look brighter but it brings out more of the beautiful patterns on the hawk.

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    John Mark simmons for TB

    1. John Mark, my wife and I have both "liked" you guys on facebook. We started "birding" with Cornell's recent bird count. It was a blast. We wound up being the only report filed from Dublin, GA that made note of the Canadian Geese, Mallards, and the one Great Egret that was on the pond near Fairview Hospital. There are about sixty Canadians there now. In the summer they have numbered in the 100's. I was at the park/pond late one afternoon when easily 200 birds got up almost as one bird and flew. It was wild to watch.

  3. Cloudy definitely looks better because the colors look fine, but I don't think they look photoshopped.

  4. ounds like it was fun! Thats sad that you guys had the only report from Dublin though. More birders need to move there. Thanks for the likes!

    Marshall, the photos are not photoshopped. Thats the whole point. It is all done in the camera.

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