Saturday, January 7, 2012

Operation Bye Bye Blackbird Kills Millions :(

Over the course of the past few years the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture) has poisoned a variety of starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds, and grackles. The reason? Crop damage caused by the birds has enraged farmers that grow massive amounts of plants. The USDA took action against the birds by poisoning. I am not sure exactly how this was done but it left the lifeless bodies of birds scattered throughout cities. There are numerous news stories dotted around the internet about the event. Birders are enraged at the drastic numbers of birds that were slaughtered. The USDA kept their mouths shut until now, claiming responsibility for the millions of dead birds. Although many people including me are upset I can see some reason in it. Look at it like this. Your a farmer that just planted a hundred acres of corn, wheat, and beans. Here comes a giant flock of birds that demolishes all your hard work. So you can understand right? I'm not trying to completely defend the bird poisoning for it has a devastating effect on birds like the Rusty Blackbird. But I wanted you to see it from the killer's point of view. Thanks for reading this today everybody and you have just been filled in on the biggest news about birds.
John Mark Simmons for TB


  1. Very interesting situation. It seems like both sides have a right to protest. But definitely killing should not be the way out for farmers. It must be a very tempting option, but it's not the morally correct one, at least.

  2. Hi John,
    It is morally and environmentally incorrect. Its weird though that the USDA just now told everyone that they have been responsible for al the killings in the past. Maybe they just wanted to get away with more kills before they told the birders. I figure something is going to be done to stop this. Thanks for your comment John! New post tomorrow.
    John Mark Simmons for TB

  3. Why do people kill squirrels and mockingbirds, no one seems to protest that.

  4. Cause the numbers aren't high enough. Do people kill millions of squirrels and mockingbirds every year in the U.S.? Nope. People don't care as much about them. It doesn't seem to be affecting their population either. Another reason is that squirrels and mockingbirds are not endangered, as is the Rusty Blackbird. Thanks for your comment.
    John Mark for TB

  5. As for why they kill them, people view them as pests. Just like farmers view blackbirds as pests. Squirrels are destructive and eat a lot of seed too. Mockingbirds are patrollers. They take over feeders and prohibit any other birds to come to it.

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