Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Hey everybody,
The TB team took a little bit longer of a Christmas break than originally intended but we are finally up and running again. How many of you have any "bird related" resolutions for the year of 2012. I certainly have one. I plan to write down in my lab book every bird seen for each day of 2012. The location, the date, and how many birds of that species will also be reorded. It is definitely going to be a hard task to do the entire year. But I always just think of how valuable this info will be when I am done. Im sure not all of you would like to assume such a task but you can do something smaller and easier to do. As long as you identify a good amount of birds every day your skills will stay fine tuned. Don't wait two weeks and then go birding once, then another two weeks and so on. Think of something creative, something that not many people have done. Best of luck to all who crate a new year's resolution. Happy new year!

Posted by John Mark Simmons

Tree Swallows by John Mark Simmons

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