Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nuthatch Nesting Box Tip

I have had Brown Headed Nuthatches nesting at my house ever since I loved here. They used to nest in a very short, dead tree that was beside our driveway. There are holes all over it from all the nests they have made in it. But then, it finally came down in a storm. So now I use Nuthatch specified nesting boxes. They have a hole that is just big enough for the nuthatch, bigger birds and squirrels can't get in. This provides the protection and the feeling of protection that these little birds need.They love the boxes! I have two of them set up on the same pole and this season there was a nest in both of them. We had two nuthatch families right beside each other. They were very friendly too, I could walk up to their house and they would come out sit, on top of the box and just chill. I suggest that you use these types of boxes if you want nuthatches in them because they love nesting places where the hole fits just them. In a tree, they would just make their own hole, but with these boxes their work it cut out for them. We even had some researchers come over one time and band a couple of the nuthatches. I got to hold one, they are the cutest bird ever. Hands down no other bird can possibly compete with the Brown Headed Nuthatch for cuteness. The Nuthatches are much happier in these boxes, I think they feel much much safer. Because they moved in the boxes within two weeks of placing them! The Nuthatch is one of my favorite yard birds. I hope you enjoyed the tip everyone, and as always, have a nice day.

Photo by John Mark Simmons
Posted by John Mark Simmons


  1. I was wondering about bird houses in general, but for Bewick's Wrens. I have a house for it so should I put it up now, and where? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

  2. According to this site: , Bewick's Wrens need a nest box 4-10ft above ground in an open field or thicket. I would put it up now to encourage roosting birds (don't know if you need that where you are), but you could keep it inside during the winter to keep mice out and put it up very early next spring. --Sarah T.

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