Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Birding Tip: Quick ID Help With Sparrows

Here is a short tip for Sparrow identification. When you find a Sparrow, note if the breast has streaking on it or not. If it does have streaking, then it's a dirty breast. If it doesn't have streaks, it is a clean breast. So when you see a clean breast Sparrow but you don't have a positive ID yet you simply call out to your fellow birders "clean breast Sparrow over here!" That's it! by doing that you eliminate the many other possibilities the bird could be.  Now you know not to even look at the dirty breasted Sparrows in the field guide. This White Crowned Sparrow would be considered a clean breast. Hope this helped, and as always, happy birding!

Photo by John Mark Simmons
Posted by John Mark Simmons

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