Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birding Tip: Learning Birds By Hear

When it comes to learning birds by ear, you may think it will take a very long a strenuous process to learn a lot  of birds. This is sometimes true, but there is a trick to learning birds by ear that helps so much. Which is learning a phrase or set of words in the English language that go with that bird. For example: When you hear an Eastern Towhee sing, it usually does it's "Towheee!" song or it's "Drink your teeeaaa!" song. By learning these kind of words to go with the song helps you learn them much faster. Here are more examples. Red Eyed Vireo song: "Here I am! Up in the tree! Look at me! Whatcha doin?" These are all part of the vireo's song which is a variety of mixed chirps that are formed into measures. Another example is the Barred Owl song: "Who cooks for you, who cooks for you alll!" Those are the words that go with the owl's song. Of course you can try to make up better ones but these are just examples. Hope this birding tip helped and happy birding!

Photo by John Mark Simmons
Posted by John Mark Simmons

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  1. This helps a lot! I'm sure it would be fun coming up with the words that they sound like they are saying.