Friday, August 19, 2011


Molt is one of the coolest thing to witness in birds. Their feathers can turn into the most bizarre sight you've ever seen depending on the bird. In this first photo is a juvenile foresters tern that is in the molt process. These two examples are just samples of what bizarre birds you can see out in the field. And it is one of the most exciting things you will see. To see this kind of biology first hand is amazing. In the second photo is a juvie Laughing gull. Now you are probably used to seeing the black headed bird that is so common on the beach. But since it is molting, you can see the difference. Now is the time to see some cool birds in their molting process! Fall migration is one of the best times to go looking for cool molts. Have a good day everyone! And keep birding.

Posted by John Mark Simmons
Photos by John Mark Simmons

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