Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shorebirds Are Here In Georgia!

 I know it's not Fall yet but the shorebirds are here in Georgia. I've been getting reports of hundreds of sandpipers in various sod farms, lakes, and ponds all over Georgia. If the shorebirds aren't showing up where ever you live, they soon will along with all the other birds. Here are a couple of tips on places to go when the time is right to go birding. Try sod farms, they are big and have a vast open space of land with water here and there along with dirt. The big puddles of water are a good place to start looking for sandpipers. Also go to lakes, sandpipers love to feed on the shores of lakes especially during migration. These tips were presented in mind that you don't have access to the beach. If you do then that's better than anything but you must find an area where there are very little tourists in order to find flocks of shorebirds.

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