Saturday, August 13, 2011

Play The Hunch

What do I mean by that? Well, when you go after a bird to photograph it, do you chase it? Constantly walking towards it as it moves away will get you nowhere. Here is the idea, get up early. How early? 5:30 should be fine. Find the food source of the bird you are trying to photograph, wait for it to come to you, create a blind, hide yourself and wait. Playing the hunch that they will come to that source is risky sometimes. But also, this location that you pick, make sure you will have the good light. The morning sun is the best light you can possibly ask for. Position yourself so that the sun is at your back. For example, lets say your after a Sandpiper. Now, go to it's feeding grounds early in the morning, hide yourself, make sure the light will be in your favor. When the time is right and you start clicking, keep clicking until the light is gone, enjoy the opportunity you have created, and get fantastic images. All this applies to just birding as well, Do the same thing if you just want to get a superior look at some cool birds.
American White Pelican by John Mark Simmons
 Posted by John Mark Simmons

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