Friday, August 12, 2011

Learn Your Trees

 There are a couple reasons why you need to learn trees. The first and most important reason is that when you find a bird and you are trying to describe where it is, you need to know what kind of tree its in. This applies to the person you are pointing the bird out to also. For example, when you find a bird, and another person asks where it is, you need to know what kind of tree it's in. So yo can describe specifically to the person where the bird is and allow them to see the bird that might be a lifer for them. That person could be you, so you need to know what tree species there are. Another reason is that it shows your more intelligent. It's true! It  shows that you have put the time in to know what the trees are that you are birding around.  A third reason is that it's just fun to know all the trees! Knowing the trees will increase the speed in letting other people find the bird you are trying to point out. It is very simple, but it has big results. News: If you have any suggestions on anything we should do to the site to make it better, please email us at            

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