Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lifers Can be Anywhere

Don't let the thought betray you that the only way to get life birds is to travel far and wide across the country. Unless you have been birding for a long time or have the privilege of being able to travel a lot this is for you. Especially during migration, lifers are everywhere. Close to your home or even at your home which is often a case too. But if your like me and have pretty much birded your property out, go one step further and travel to a local birding hot spot. I did that today and got a lifer, Pectoral Sandpiper to be exact. But the fact is that at this time birds are coming in fast and now is your chance to get some lifers. The location where I got this bird was fifteen minutes from my house. Get on a state wide email list that reports rare birds if you can. GABO is the emailing system I use. It stands for Georgia Birders Online. There is most likely a similar thing in your state or wherever you may be. Get out there, have fun, get birds.
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