Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall migration is Just About Here

Now it the time to do some serious birding. I am heading down to Jekyll Island for a GOS meeting and to do some field trips. Now is a great time to do birding on the beach. I have been sent reports from Curlew Sandpipers to Cerulean Warblers. I certainly hope to get that Curlew Sandpiper. If you are uncomfortable about going out ito the field by yourslef or with a couple other people that don't have much expierience in birding, see if you can hook up with a local birdwalk. They are a great way to learn birds under a professional. They will point out bids that you might not get on yor own and identify them for you if need be. I have gone on countless bird walks and they have boosted my expierience level up so much. I hope you do the same. When you go to the beach find a flock of shorebirds to start out with. It's best to find all the birds in the flock and then move on and find the others out on their own solitary hunting mission.Look at every species carefully, you never know where that rare bird could show up. Have a nice day everyone and as always, keep birding.
Least Tern

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