Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chimney Swift Declining?

Is this little bird going to be endangered? Well that's why I researched it. Apparently the Chimney Swift is declining. I have not verified the cause yet but maybe because of so many of them getting into peoples pipe systems through the chimney and dying. Sadly I found two of them dead in my own water heater pipe. And the screen to put over the Chimney is very expensive. I will have to do something though. My sources are ABA Magazine and Audobon.com the official site. Various other books I have read also point to the decline of the Chimney swift. This bird has always been abundant at my house and I would hate to see it go. But this is happening. Cornell Lab of Ornithology is hiring people to build Chimney Swift nest boxes specifically designed to meet the Swift's needs. Boy scouts have also been helping with this project. I encourage you to cap your pipes in some way to prevent this bird's death. Don't cap off the Chimney itself because that is good for the swift but the pipes inside are not. This is only a problem if you have the pipes connected to the chimney in some way. If you don't your fine. Support the cause if you can.

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Post by John Mark Simmons

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