Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BP Oil Spill Aftermath, What Should We Do Next?

These pictures you see here are very frightning indeed. The BP oil spill killed many birds. Now, there are some poeple out there that want to get the oil rigs out of the gulf. But, this is a two edged sword. A good reason is, birds will be much much safer. A bad reason is, the oil we get from the gulf and from the Atlantic Ocean is vital. We would have to depend on oil from other places. Prices would go up and it would be an epic mess. So overall, I would push to not pull the oil tigs from the Atlantic. Sure I am a birder but the cost will be to great for the people of the United States. I do recommend that we not put very many more oil rigs out there, we have enough already. I think this event was fairly avoidable. I do not know the problem exactly except that an emergency shut off valve failed to work after something happened. But all I  think is that BP should beef up their systems to be more efficiant. We depend on oil, it's important, and we lost much of it and birds at the same time. Migrating birds also run into these rigs during their voyage and have problems with them, some of them die from it. But the oil that was spilled created such a disaster for birds I can barley look at the pictures. Diving birds such as Gannets and Pelicans suffered the most. They would dive straight into the oil covering them and killing them within minutes. These are some pictures of this horrible event. 

                                                         Brown Pelican
Unkown Species                      These are not my photographs.             Copyright unknown.
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John Mark Simmons

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