Monday, August 8, 2011

Engage in Activities

To keep your birding skills sharp you should find some birding activities to do. Bird walks led by a professional volunteer are very fun. I have gone to a birding and nature festival on Jekyll Island for six years. But I haven't done it in two years because the building we used was torn down. There was a very old shrub that was close to the building where a Loggerheaded Shrike nested every year. Miraculously it still stood after the construction with orange tape around it. I was overjoyed that they saved the shrike tree. But back to the point, activities like these will help inspire you, sharpen your skills, and you can meet other birders! So you should try to find things like birding festivals near you. And by all means, start something yourself! There are always people out there that would be interested. If you have the skills, make a young birder camp and teach them the basics about birding and show them what it takes to get good birds. Get out early in the morning and show the beginners some cool birds.

Western Grebe

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