Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birds Aren't The Only Wildlife Out There (and) A Short Tip For More Lifers)

Even though birds are our primary target in the production of this blog, I can't help but mention the other wildlife that there is. I love watching other wildlife as well such as, deer,bears,lizards etc.. Taking pictures of them is even funner. ( Next part photo heads only) When you take a picture of something keep in mind the background. The background is almost as important as the subject in a photograph. Depth of field can also make a huge difference. The background in this Lizard shot here is grass. But if that had been in focus as well as the entire Lizard wouldn't it be such a boring photo? For me, yes it wold be boring. Soft background, sharp subject. One of my main rules of photography no matter what I am shooting. I also like composition to be one of my specialties. Every photographer has a different style in their photos. What's yours? Figure it out and you might be encouraged in your photography. ( Ok back to birds) I have a simple tip that might help you with birding this Fall. When you go birding, target a specific category of birds. This week I am targeting warblers, last week I went after shorebirds. Get it? It might improve your chances of getting more lifers. But as always, it's not just about lifers. Every birds deserved just as much attention as the one next to it. Remember that.
Have a nice day everyone.

 Posted by John Mark Simmons
Photos by John Mark Simmons

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