Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep Birding

Bird as much as you can! It will do many things for you if you truly do enjoy it. It will provide you with something fun to do, it will sharpen your skills more than ever, and it will hopefully bring your friends in and interest them in birding. I hope that in that far in the future birding will still be active and people will not hurt the population of any more species of birds like they used too. Of corse there are accidents like the DDT scandal but I think we know enough now to prevent things like that from happening. Ivory Billed Woodpecker has an extremely small chance that it still exists. Passenger Pigeon, extinct, Carolina Parakeet, extinct, and so many more have either become extinct or were on the edge of extinction. Back when the Passenger Pigeon was still alive, people would say there were so many of them they wold darken the sky, and now they're all gone. The California Condor struggled so hard to stay alive, and it has become stable for the time being. Wood Ducks, Ivory Billed's, and many shorebirds were hunted for their feathers which were used in women's hats and coats. I don't think we will have a problem with declining birds in the future. I just hope that enough people stay interested to keep up birding. Don't let your job or school stop you from birding!

John Mark Simmons

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  1. I will not let my job keep me from birding!! ; )
    Great post!