Sunday, July 3, 2011

Colorado Birding Adventure

 Western Grebe
We found this grebe at one of the lake stops we made. I witnessed them do their mating dance! Which is when the male grebes get up and literally run on the water. I don't have any pictures because they were so far away but this one ventured very close to us.
Wilsons Warbler

 Western Scrub Jay
This jay practically posed for us very close! Maybe he wanted his picture taken. But this was a very cool opportunity.
 Black Billed Magpie
This magpie was munching on crumbs that happened to fall from tables at Garden of the Gods gift shop area. 
 Lewis's Woodpecker
This was probably one of the coolest birds on the trip. It definitely does not act like a woodpecker. as you can see it is simply perched on a branch. It doesn't fly like a woodpecker nor behave like one. It is very weird but it is definitely a cool bird.
Pinyon Jays
These jays were at a trailer park that we stopped at unexpectedly because we saw these jays from a distance.

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