Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotting Scopes

When you are out looking for birds you usually have binoculars right? Well sometimes binoculars just don't get your eyes close enough to the bird you are looking at. That's where spotting scopes come in. They are very useful in the field and I would recommend one to anyone. They have the ability to zoom in very close to birds that are a great distance without causing distortion or blur. But I would recommend buying a scope at least $100 or more because cheap spotting scopes = cheap results in the images you see. And trust me you don't want to have a stinky scope when there is a cool bird to be seen. So buy from reputable sellers, and at all costs avoid the GREY MARKET. It is very important not to get in any grey market scandals cause it is not a pretty sight. Because if you do get some great deal on a scope ( or anything of value) they might not include something you were supposed to get. And it basically starts from there and they end up bumping the price back up to where it was.  Scopes will make your birding experience much more fun and easy.

John Mark Simmons

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