Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colorado Birding Adventure Part 3

     Birding was obviously the most fun thing that I did in Colorado. But the expierience of being in such an awesome place made even more fun! I saw many mammals that I have never seen before too and that was a cool bonus.  On Thursday June 30 when we went looking for the White Tailed Ptarmagin at about 12,400 feet above sea level the bird didn't turn up. Although we did find two Brown Capped Rosy Finches wandering around in the snow, it got a lot worse than just missing the Ptarmagin. We saw the clouds rolling in about twenty minutes before it hit. It wasn't enough warning because we still wanted to look more and we couldn't make it down the mountain in time anyway. The pea size hail hit us hard for a good duration. I don't think anybody could feel their hands and maybe their feet.

     Even though it hurt the hail storm was almost everybody's highpoint of the trip. It was the full Colorado experience! Three other boys and I from camp also saw a bear very near the camp that was swimming in the lake. He got out and walked along the bank very slowly, as if on the way to take a nap. That was also a very exciting expierience for me and the three others too. One of my favorite birds had to be the Williamson's Sapsucker. It was nesting in an Aspen tree just outside the lodge where we ate and had meetings. I got pictures of it which I just love to look at all the time.  

     There were so many many expieriences that I had and too many thoughts going through my head that it is dificult to write about. Cold showers was a downer but I think everyone should get one once in their life. Not just at home but a real camping expierience. Elk screeched at night too, which scared me half to death cause I thought someone was screaming bloody murder or something.  My total life list from that trip alone is now at 70 and going up as I remember more birds that I saw on the trip as I go along. I will most definitly post more info about the trip. 
Have a nice day!

John Mark Simmons 

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