Friday, July 8, 2011

Tips for getting birds to your feeder!

It's always nice to have a bunch of birds in your backyard peacefully munching on some of your birdseed on your feeders.  However, sometimes it can be tough to get those birds to come!  Here are some tips that will hopefully help you to have daily birds eating at your feeder:

-Check for what birds you have in your area and see what kind of birdseed they come to
-Always keep your feeders stocked up
-Have your feeders in a place where all the birds can get too and find
-If you have doves in your area make sure you keep some seed in the grass for them to eat
-Add a hummingbird feeder to your feeder area to attract some local hummingbirds
-Suet feeders are popular with woodpeckers, and can be easy filled with household scraps such as orange rinds

Hopefully these tips will help you get some birds to your feeders!

Sam Brunson

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