Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok here is a top and bottom comparison. I wasn't able to do side by side but you can still see the difference. These are not both the same picture but they are both similar enough to show as an example. They were both taken within a second of each other. As you can see the one on the bottom is over exposed and the light is harsh on the bird's front. But with these two things changed: exposure compensation down half a stop and white balance changed to "direct sunlight" you can see the difference. It may not seem that significant to some people but if you want to enter one in a contest or something, you have to change your settings to adapt to the lighting situation. If you have any questions on how to do these things please comment.
Posted by John Mark Simmons

With settings changed
Without settings changed.


  1. JM you were up posting at 5:41 am? Wow!

  2. What do you mean by half a stop?

  3. Haha! The time is off its not really 5 am. My mom always says something. " Why were you posting at 2 am!" John. Its just the term used for measuring how much you take down or raise your exposure compensation or your aperture. Ya know like F STOPS f4 f5.6 and so on. So by half a stop it means I turned the wheel one click so it brings down the exposure of the photo. Make sense?

  4. Hi, beautiful photo's :) I love photography and was using a Canon Powershot S5...then my husband bought me a Nikon D3000 for Xmas. Never used a SLR camera before and can't figure it out. How do I go about learning all the settings? Is there a site online I can go to? Thank you... Carolyn

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    I learned most of my camera skills from an iTunes podcast called DTown TV. If you have iTunes on your computer, you can search DTown TV in the search bar in the iTunes store section. They are video podcasts of pro photographers teaching everything there is to know about DSLRs. The best part? Its free! I would recommend you watch episodes 1-68. They came out with two new people and they aren't as good. The good people are Matt Kloskowski and Scot Kelby. They are my favorite photographers. And Moose Peterson, a pro wildlife photographer. He comes on the show every now and then. I want you to watch those episodes in particular because they are the most informative about the basics you need to know. You don't have to watch all 66 episodes that I told you but just find the ones that teach you what you need to know. I hope watching these will help you as it did me. Thanks so much for commenting and visit our blog more often!
    John Mark Simmons for TB

  6. Awesome pictures!