Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creative Nests

The Carolina Wren has been known to use many different and unusual objects for its nest. Here is an example of my favorite one so far. This nest was built last year in an old hiking boot on my shoe rack in the garage. Thankfully they didn't nest in a shoe I was currently using. The lighting for this was pretty bad, so I hooked up my external flash. My shutter speed was 1/60 of a second which is just what I needed to get the shot.  I am curious where they will nest this year! I know that there are many birds out there that make more creative nests than the Carolina Wren's but since this one was right outside my door, I wanted to share it with everyone. Feel free to leave a comment about some of the most creative nests that you have found.
Posted by John Mark Simmons

1/60 of a second shutter speed, f4.5, with Vivitar 283 Manual external flash.

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