Friday, February 10, 2012

Common Birds are Pretty Too (Just Look Closer)

Today's post is to liberate the common birds from their place of shame that they are usually placed in by many birders. Many people focus on harder to find birds or rare birds that count as lifers. This is definitely the case with me also, but lets shed some light here on the birds we see everyday. Now some of you may not see White Throated Sparrows every day but I'd say most people in the U.S. do. When you see a bird this common usually it is not considered worthy of time or energy to look at. Well, I spent a little time to get this picture and I love it. I've never gotten a sparrow photo with more detail. I am glad to have gotten this photo because these sparrows will be gone rather soon. I hope you might be inspired to give the common birds a little more credit for the beauty that has been carefully placed in them. Thanks for reading everybody, you inspire me to keep going. 
Posted by John Mark Simmons